Happiness is inside us. It is in our mind. If we think we are happy, we are. By our thoughts we can either make ourselves happy or unhappy. Be positive, be optimistic, see the brighter side of life and you will continue to be happy. Mind has power over matter. Just by thinking of good things, we can bring more positive energy to us and our loved ones.

See the rose, not the thorns; see light, not the shadow; see half-full glass, not half-empty.

Though one could be infinitely happy by just enjoying nature and family and all our possessions, there are still millions of people who are unhappy.

True and lasting happiness is not found in the availability and abundance of possessions.  There is something else which should be right to be happy.   Of course, it is our mindset that must have right attitude towards being happy.

Here are some various examples of how the mind can influence the body::

•    Pavlov’s dog starts salivating at the sound of the bell without any food in sight.
•    If we are tense we can get headaches, backaches,  shoulder pain, etc.
•    Heart attacks are directly linked to worry and tension.
•    Right mental attitude helps in curing many bodily maladies.
•    By self-talk, motivation, and positive attitude we can become happy and successful.
•    Through hypnosis one can have command over another person’s mind and body.
•    Through meditation one can have a healthy body and extra sensory abilities.

The mind has extra-ordinary powers and as far as happiness is concerned it has the ultimate power.  We should, therefore, have a positive attitude towards life.  Instead of concentrating on the bad things in life and people, we should concentrate on redeeming features in them.  We should not keep on thinking about past failures and bad experiences but be encouraged by our past success and good experiences.  Similarly, we should not be unduly anxious about the  future as anxiety does not going to have a positive effect, but we should plan and work hard for the future. One is free to be happy in one’s mind!

Abraham Lincoln has beautifully expressed it: “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

Article Author: Smiljan Mori is the founder of MindOver™ Network, Brilliant solutions for Performance, Motivation and Happiness. He is also the creator of Big U Academy, , the Kitepreneur NetworkTM and Kitepreneur Lifestyle Academy. He has literally created a successful business and coaching empire from scratch and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who brings unparalleled professional experience and the latest scientific research from neuroscience and positive psychology to audiences around the globe. He has shown more than 150,000 people from 50 countries how to change their lives for the better.

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