it’s time for the next ingredient for success. This one is an extremely important one.

8th ingredient: CONFIDENCE

Confidence plays a very important role in becoming successful. A lack of confidence will hold you back, preventing you from reaching your potential. Confidence is conditioned by our environment, our childhood, and our experience as an adult. We adjust to our surroundings and conform to the behaviour of our peers. Our sub conscious remembers our experiences as a child and makes us aware if they were positive or negative ones in relation to a particular event. We become more confident with each success we have, and less confident with each failure. Sadly, failures have the stronger influence.

So how can we grow in confidence?

There is no excuse

There are no valid reasons for not doing something. You can tell yourself that you are too old or not smart enough, but they are just excuses that prevent you from trying. If you don’t try, then how can you know. When you find yourself feeling negative towards a situation, take a deep breath and reverse your way of thinking. Rather than “I can’t do that!”, think “How can I achieve that?”. Every situation can be visualised in two ways. You just need to train yourself to think the positive way.

Only visualise success

Confidence comes from achieving and low confidence comes from failing. Past failures cause us to make excuses for not doing something in case we fail again. However, if we are afraid to try, then how can we succeed. The fear of failure is irrational. Failure should not be seen as a negative thing, but as the incentive to try harder. Everyone fails, and it is the understanding of why we failed that helps us to succeed. With failure comes knowledge.

Be proud of yourself!

Are you proud of who you are? If not, you must work on self acceptance so that you can be truly happy. If you cannot accept yourself for who you are, then you will struggle to grow in confidence.Don’t focus on the negative issues you may have about yourself, but turn them into incentives to move forward positively. If you find your confidence in yourself reducing, do something that will pick it back up. Dress nice, have a makeover, invest in yourself. Remember, the way you feel about yourself is reflected on how others see you.
To be seen as a winner, you must believe you are a winner.

Record your success!

Always keep records of past successes close by. These are a perfect instrument for reminding yourself of what you have accomplished, and give you a nice pick-me-up when you may not be feeling at your most confident.

Every success should be celebrated, so with your self confidence getting stronger and stronger, let the celebrations begin!