Hello my friends!

So far we talked about DESIRE, GOALS, PLANNING, BELIEVING IN YOURSELF  and STRIVING FOR MORE. Today we are going to focus on the bigger picture.


6. ingredient: The bigger picture

Bigger means better!

In the fast paced crazy world of sales, it is very easy to get lost in the work that is in our immediate future. We approach each day the same way, with the sole focus on completing our tasks to get the job done.

But ask yourself, “Will my success grow if I continue along this path?”

Unfortunately this is unlikely.

To be able to grow we must think outside the box. We need to sit back and look at the bigger picture.

Plan and put into action any ideas that will increase success in the long term. Although immediate short term success is great, it is only short term.


Take time to think!

We all have a to-do-list of some kind, and this is helpful in completing immediate tasks.

However, if we live by this list it will be very difficult to see anything other than what is in front of us.

We need to take time out from our routine and look at ways on how to improve our approach to sales, and the processes we use.

It is possible to see the potential to grow if we just take a step back and assess our actions.



One of the most useful tactics to thinking big, is to discuss your ideas with other people in similar fields. They may have thought of things that hadn’t crossed your mind, but could be incorporated alongside your own ideas.

Knowledge sharing is very often useful, so you should never be afraid to ask for the opinions of others. This will also build a bond of trust with your colleagues, making them more open to sharing their own ideas.

Ideas, goals, actions!

Once you have the recipe for longer term success, it is time to plan out how you go about it.

Set your actionable goals with realistic time frames.

Ensure that you keep to your plan, but keep in mind that it is not set in stone.

Ideas may come around that can improve things further.

Sell yourself!

Never come across as being desperate to make a sale with a client. This will be noticed and interpreted as you don’t have their best interests in mind.

Be confident in your own ability to make people want to do business with you. Make small talk and give compliments. Don’t make everything about a sale, but keep in mind that this is the end goal.

If you feel your time is being wasted, don’t get frustrated by this. Give the person their time, then move on. Remember, just because they don’t want to do business with you now, doesn’t mean they never will. Your approach will be remembered.

By building friendly professional relationships you are guaranteed to be recommend to other potential clients.