Hello my friends!

Do you feel more confident? Do you already feel you’re a better sales person?
Today we are going to talk about our next ingredient.

5. ingredient: STRIVING FOR MORE

As salespeople, we should never be content with the way we conduct ourselves and be over confident in our abilities.

The world is constantly changing around us, and if we don’t follow suit, we will be left behind. We should aim to better ourselves at all times, taking on board new practices, or re-evaluating our processes.

Remember, you need be ambitious, forward thinking, and ahead of the game to be a success.

Assess the way you do things!

Are you doing things in the most productive way? It is common to get comfortable in the way we do things when it works for us. However, over time it will bring less and less success. This is due to the way business practices change.

With this in mind, we should always be looking to improve the way we work. Small changes can have a big positive impact on productivity. We just need to step out of our comfort zone, and move with the times.

Learn about new proven sales methods. Incorporate tools that will make your work easier to manage. Grow in knowledge and confidence.

No doesn’t always mean no!

It is very easy for a salesperson to give up trying when a potential client says no. A lack of self confidence and believe in their ability steers them away from taking any further action. In reality though, no doesn’t have to be the final word. Sometimes a potential client just needs a little more convincing.

Haven’t you been convinced to do something that you initially said no to?

I know I have!

The key is in knowing how to steer the conversation so the client believes it is a decision they have come to themselves, rather than being forced into. No one likes to be bullied. Learning how to be a more confident seller will guarantee more success.

Stay positive!

Negativity is like a disease that no business wants. If you have a negative attitude in your work, then how can you expect to get a positive response from anyone?

Instead of thinking “I can’t do that!” or “This is impossible!”, train yourself into thinking “How should I approach this?” and “What do I need to do to make this work?”.

The more positive you are in what you can achieve, the more confident you will become.
The more confident you are, the more receptive people will be towards you.
The more positive the responses from people, the more success you will have.