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In my first article about the most important ingredients for success in sales, I talked about desire and determination. In case you’ve missed it, you can always find it HERE.
Have you heard the expression: ‘A person going nowhere usually gets there?’ In order to achieve your dreams, you have to set goals. And that is the second ingredient.

2.  ingredient: SETTING GOALS

If your desire isn’t as strong as it should be, you probably don’ have firmly set goals. To stay deeply motivated you need to know exactly what you want to achieve in life.

What do you need to do?

  1. Take aside two days, or a weekend, when you will think about and decide what it is you really want.
  2. Make goals for your business life, social life, private life (your hobbies, home projects).
  3. In each category decide what you want to achieve first.
  4. Make sure you are able to achieve it in 4 months.

You’re probably thinking you will not be able to achieve big goals in such a small period of time. The thing is, large goals are best broken down into a series of manageable goals. Once you start achieving smaller goals, you will become more motivated and your desire will get stronger and stronger every day. You will be amazed how creative and productive you will become.

  1. Write them down and set deadlines! If you set deadline, you will avoid procrastination. Your goals need to be clear. Do not state: ‘I’m going to sell more products by August.’ Your statement must be: ‘By August I’m going to sell 10% more products than in previous 3 months.’
  2. Talk to your partner

Your partner needs to know about your goals. They can help you, support you and motivate you. If they don’t know about your plans, they can unknowingly inhibit you from achieving them. They can even help you set them!

Are you ready for a “goal setting weekend”?

Stay tuned for the ingredient number 3 on Tuesday 7th of February. 

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