Are You Aware of the Pros and Cons of Dressing for Success?

Are you interested in improving your physical appearance?  If you are, what would you like to change?  If you are like many others, especially those that are career-oriented, there is a good chance that you would like to increase your professionalism and public perception.  If that is the case, you may want to consider taking [...]

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Entrepreneurs: Don’t Hold Back When Dressing For Success

Are you an entrepreneur and own your own home based business or are you a home based worker who is employed by an outside company? If are you, you may enjoy the many comforts of working from home. Although working from home is nice and is a dream of many, it can also have its [...]

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Dressing for Success: The Do´s and Do Not´s

We´ve all heard that first impressions are crucial, and in many instances irreversible, which makes them all the more important. A good first impression is key in many areas of life, however, none so much as landing that dream job. Your level of success, including landing that dream job,  is determined by many factors such [...]

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  • " Passion and Beliefs about your services and products. "

  • " When you stop buying your own excuses , you will stop meeting people that are selling you their own excuses. "

  • " You can just be a SECRET and a SUCCESS at the same time. "

  • " If you are not doing marketing using videos then you are not reaching your potential. "

  • " You do not need to become a speaker, but you can use speaking as a secret marketing weapon for your business and services. "

  • " Your competition is not somebody in your industry but all the noise and distractions that keeps your potential clients to get to know you. "