Relationships are a fundamental part of living our lives.
Like in business, success in a relationship never comes naturally. It has to be worked at, we have to be committed, and most importantly, we should never take anything for granted. Below are a few little tips that will help make a relationship successful and long lasting.


Sending flirty text messages or leaving little love notes around for your partner to find are common in new relationships.
So, when should we stop doing it?
The simple answer is NEVER!
Not only do these messages make the receiving person smile, they prove that you care enough about them to take time out of your day to make them feel special.


We have all been there. Someone is talking to us but we are only half listening because we are too wrapped up in our own thoughts or problems.
This can be catastrophic for a relationship.
If we don’t actually listen and absorb what our partner is telling us, then how can we understand how they are feeling?
What may sometimes seem trivial to one person may be very important to the other.
If they feel they can’t voice what is on their mind and be understood, then why would they try. Secrets are kept, and problems will occur.


Over time, it can become very easy to take your partner for granted. Is this fair? Do we feel good when taken for granted?
Of course the answer is NO!
Being taken for granted makes you question if it is worth making an effort to keep the relationship alive. This is why you must always show your partner you appreciate what they do. Although occasionally it is nice, grand expensive gestures are not always required. Cuddles, kisses, and token gifts have a massive impact on making someone feel appreciated.


There is a saying that you should never mix business with pleasure. The two are separate entities and should be treated as such.
You should aim for your work life to NEVER impact on your relationship if you value it.
Make time for your partner. Arrange date nights. Socialise together. Plan surprise mini vacations. Do something new.
These things not only keep a relationship fresh, but they let the person know they are the most important aspect of your life.


Arguing is sometimes seen as a negative aspect of a relationship. It isn’t. Arguing can be actually healthy.  It is not a competition on proving who is right and who is wrong, but an opportunity to express our feelings. Regular arguments clear the air over small annoyances, and prevent tension escalating into resentment. If you don’t argue, then you are repressing your feelings. This will only end up in damaging the relationship.

On a final note, we should strive to make our partner feel special and appreciated all the time. Not just on Valentine’s Day.