Smillion Mori is a remarkable event master, combining an entertaining and engaging presence with brilliant content and life-changing take-home value. A man who has literally created a successful business and coaching empire from scratch, Smillion brings unparalleled professional experience, the latest research from neuroscience and positive psychology, and highly motivational and inspiring content to cheering audiences around the world.

Behind this globally-respected speaker is an author, businessman, coach, and consultant to top performers from all walks of life. His business successes are legendary, including the founding and building of the largest and most successful insurance brokerage company in Central Eastern Europe, and the creation of an information and coaching empire serving clients ranging from major corporations to elite international athletes.
His speaking credentials include an ongoing count of more than 261,345 attendees to presentations form more than 50 countries.  He has more than 18 years of experience in direct sales and network marketing industry. He trained more than 50,582 people in direct sales industry, network market industry, insurance industry and bank industry.

Smillion is a member of respected associations of professional financial advisors, namely the Million Dollar Round Table and Top of the Table. He is affiliated with numerous international, transnational, and intercontinental networks of motivators, thought leaders, coaches, and authors who inspire, motivate, and support action-based choices for success.

Still, Smillion, a hard-charging entrepreneur and success mentor, is at his core a devoted and loving husband and father. His ability to find personal happiness amidst the challenges of a successful career is one of the greatest gifts he shares with audiences, as well as the power of a positive, mental approach to everything he does!

Partial Client and associations list:
· MetLife
· Tiens
· Million Dollar Round Table Europe
· Ergo
· Amway
· Allianz
· Forever Living Products
· Glorion
· Eurolife
· Herbalife
· Aviva
· Oriflame
· Rosgostrah Russia

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