Over the past decade, kiteboarding has begun to earn the reputation as being the new golf among company leaders and entrepreneurs. Tech savvy business men and women have added to the increasing number of startups, executives and their venture capital backers. All these risk takers have something new in common. They’ve taken up the sport of kitesurfing.

This popular sport has grown to include numerous global events. Events filled with adrenaline junkies who get together to talk tech, share ideas and do deals…all on the beach in between wave jumps. These types of events were once reserved for the same influential business people, except the course is much different.

Instead of carrying a bag of clubs and heading to a prestigious golf clubhouse with your best set of golf clothes, these business leaders have traded the clubs for kiteboards and the golf clothes for wet suits.

Yep! It’s not surprising at all that kiteboarding is very quickly becoming the new golf in many areas around the world. From Silicon Valley to New York, to Hawaii to Mexico and beyond, the popularity of kitesurfing has become more evident than ever. Just ask Tammy Camp, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

For the past three years she has attended the MaiTai Kite Camp at Maui and explains, “it’s a way for me to create a joint adventure experience with people who share a common interest, not only in kiteboarding, but also technology and entrepreneurship,” a collective business-theme among the professional boarders.

As one of the few female tech entrepreneurs, she adds, “the MaiTai Kite Camp really levels the playing field. Everyone at the event has something to learn from everyone else, no matter if they’re a big-shot venture capitalist getting advice on kiteboarding safety, or a pro kiteboarder getting advice on how to use Twitter.  MaiTai has created a truly linear community.”

Bill Tai and team partner Susi Mai, created Mai Tai Kite Camp in 2007. It didn’t take long for more than 150 of Silicon Valley’s hottest CEOs, investors, founders and executives to sign up and become regular faces at local kitesurfing events. Tai says that each year he hand-selects attendees that he feels have a lot to add to the conversation – out of the water – and would also enjoy kitesurfing. Attendees from software companies to Sony to architects to company presidents have all taken part in this exhilarating event.

Aaron Sales of Kiteboarding Magazine explains it best when it sums it up by saying, “kiteboarding attracts people who think outside the box.”



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Photo Source: courtesy of Stuart Miles / Free Digital Photos