Goals are considered as the primary key to achievement. People who perceive life as meaningful and purposeful, set realistic goals that keep them motivated, directed and full of life. Such individuals are less prone to stress and anxiety as they have well defined aims and objectives to achieve. An individual needs to set challenging goals that are provoking but realistic and attainable. Thus, when the goals are attained it creates feelings of mastery and a sense of achievement.

It is recommended to define short term and long term goals and the pathways to achieve them. Furthermore, to achieve the goals and to live a proper organized life, one should focus thoughts on the goal achievement and put in optimal effort to accomplish them. Moreover, in preparation to achieve the goal, an individual needs simply to recognize his objective, organize his time and engage himself on working on it.

Proper goal setting and an organized life gives an identity to an individual to express himself. Without goals; life is like a barren, a colorless and boring land that has no purpose and aim. Goals are not restricted to materialistic things; instead they are extensive, ranging from relationships to other skills and specific tasks in practical life.

To successfully achieve any goal an individual always needs aspirations which can be induced from internal as well as external factors. The external factors may reflect long term advantages that propel an individual towards them. Moreover, prioritizing the goals is also essential to its successful accomplishment. It assists an individual to make clear cut outlines of the goals in your mind and to start work on it.

For better accomplishment of goals it is essential to simplify them and get a better understanding of it as it in turn simplifies the way to achieve them. A VIPER model is presented to explain the 5 critical steps towards successful goals achievement.

V- To Visualize

I- To implement

P– To plan

E– To execute

R– To recap

This model explains that an individual needs to view the clear picture of his goals, employ techniques on himself, plan ahead how to achieve them, carry out them and recap them to evaluate its results and future steps.


Article Author: Smiljan Mori is the founder of MindOver™ Network, Brilliant solutions for Performance, Motivation and Happiness. He is also the creator of Big U Academy, , the Kitepreneur NetworkTM and Kitepreneur Lifestyle Academy. He has literally created a successful business and coaching empire from scratch and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who brings unparalleled professional experience and the latest scientific research from neuroscience and positive psychology to audiences around the globe. He has shown more than 150,000 people from 50 countries how to change their lives for the better.

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