We´ve all heard that first impressions are crucial, and in many instances irreversible, which makes them all the more important. A good first impression is key in many areas of life, however, none so much as landing that dream job. Your level of success, including landing that dream job,  is determined by many factors such as your level of qualifications, previous work experience and education, but many non-verbal cues are also taken into consideration.

The firmness of your handshake, the cleanliness of your clothes, as well as the style and fit of what you wear, not to mention accessories you choose and the manner in which you carry yourself. The clothing you select, believe it or not, is seen as a key indicator of your level of respect for the company you are applying to work for. Your choice of clothes also tells the interviewer just how serious you are taking the interview itself. The fact is, the better you dress – in that the better you appear put together and coordinated – the more seriously you´re apt to be taken by those considering hiring you.

There are several general tips you need to consider when it comes to dressing for success:

•    Choose professional clothes. Anything less than professional can be taken as an insult.
•    Make sure your clothing choice fits the job in which you are applying. For higher level management office jobs, for example, you should dress conservatively. If you´re unsure what constitutes conservative, look in magazines or ask others you know who work in professional environments.
•    Once you have clothes picked out, make sure they are clean and pressed. They should also be well-fitted and not baggy or hanging off of your body. This exudes sloppiness.
•    All interviewees should wear dark shoes that are clean and gleaming.
•    Both men and women should chose accessories that compliment, not distract.
•    Facial piercings are not generally tolerated, unless you´re applying to be a body piercer. Same goes for highly visible tattoos.
•    Men and women should tone down on the perfume. If you´re unsure about wearing any at all, skip it. This is a time you´d rather be safe than sorry.
•    Your hair should not resemble a bird´s nest or bed head. Make sure your hair is clean, tidy and styled – and of a natural or respectable color.

In general, keeping your look conservative and classy is the best way to ensure you will fit the part. This way, when you´re in the middle of your all-important job interview, you´re not fidgeting to keep your short skirt down or the top button from popping open on your overly-tight trousers. Instead, your clothes will exude the confidence and style that the company is looking for – which will be you!

Article Author: Smiljan Mori is the founder of MindOver™ Network, Brilliant solutions for Performance, Motivation and Happiness. He is also the creator of Financial Independence Academy TM , the Kitepreneur NetworkTM and Kitepreneur Business Success AcademyTM. He has literally created a successful business and coaching empire from scratch and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who brings unparalleled professional experience and the latest scientific research from neuroscience and positive psychology to audiences around the globe. He has shown more than 150,000 people from 50 countries how to change their lives for the better.

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