As with choosing any art piece whether it is a print, original painting, sculpture, photograph or collectable, you can make or break a room choosing incorrectly.  The perfect choice can make quite art piece! It can communicate on many different levels.

Have you ever walked into a room for the very first time and while waiting, find yourself looking around, examining everything in the room? You can get good feeling for the people that work or live there and get a sense of what they are all about.

From your own experiences and observations you’ve probably seen people with very good taste and then again, people who do not seem to have a clue about design or even worse yet, people who don’t care a hoot about aesthetics at all!

Love it or lose it!
And probably the most important, if you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it!

Build Around the Piece.
If you are making the art piece the focal point of the room, build around it. All the office or home furniture and accessories should compliment the art.

Minimal works.
Don’t overpower the art with too much color on the walls or furniture unless it is a very dramatic piece that can carry it well! It will just disappear into the background.

What’s the message?
What is it that you want to convey to your visitors?  Leadership, initiative, teamwork, success, confidence, determination? It’s important to get across the right message. A captivating piece with inspirational can be a powerful tool that can help motivate and impress people who visit.

Background, background, background!
Choosing the right frame can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of a piece of artwork. Having a crystal piece sitting on a mirrored display platform can add drama, and sometimes a piece sitting on a glass display stand can make the artwork fel like it’s floating, so choose carefully.

If a piece of art moves you and you feel it will motivate others who see it, then you have a winner!!!

Enjoy the research of finding what is right for your home or office!

Article Author: Smiljan Mori is the founder of MindOver™ Network, Brilliant solutions for Performance, Motivation and Happiness. He is also the creator of Big U Academy, , the Kitepreneur NetworkTM and Kitepreneur Lifestyle Academy. He has literally created a successful business and coaching empire from scratch and is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who brings unparalleled professional experience and the latest scientific research from neuroscience and positive psychology to audiences around the globe. He has shown more than 150,000 people from 50 countries how to change their lives for the better.

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